PostNL depot sealed after Labour Inspectors uncover dozens of breaches of employment law

The Labour Inspectorate has carried out checks at three depots used by the courier company PostNL. The checks were carried at the PostNL depots in Mechelen, Wommelgem (both Antwerp Province) and Aardoie in West Flanders. The Labour Auditor says that inspectors discovered dozens of breaches of employment legislation at the Mechelen and Wommelgem depots. The situation at the Wommelgem depot was so bad that it has been closed and sealed to prevent anyone going back in. 

Labour inspectors and police visited the three depots on Monday morning. Checks were carried out on staff working there as there was suspicion that minors were being employed and that some drivers working for PostNL don’t have driving licences.

PostNL uses sub-contractors to deliver its parcels. The Labour Auditor’s office says that there are structural issues with the subcontractors’ breaches of labour legislation. 

In Wommelgem inspectors discovered 10 breaches of the legislation regarding part-time work. Furthermore, 10 cases of non-declared labour were discovered. The depot was closed and sealed. 

In Mechelen 10 breaches of employment legislation were discovered. One illegal immigrant was also found to be working at the deport. They have been handed over to the Aliens’ Office.

In addition to checks by the Labour Inspectorate and the police, Customs also carried out checks at all three depots. It is not the first time that inspectors have discovered breaches of labour laws at PostNL.


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