Doctor suspected of having falsified around 2,000 CSTs

A doctor from Wallonia is suspected of having falsified around 2,000 Covid Safe Tickets (CST). The doctor allegedly entered bogus information into the vaccination database to make it appear that people had been immunised against coronavirus while they had in fact never been jabbed. 

The news of the alleged vaccination fraud was made public by the Walloon Health Minister Chistie Morraele (socialist) in an interview with the Francophone news channel LN24. The Walloon health authorities started to become suspicious after the doctor started registering an abnormally large number of people “from all over Wallonia and probably beyond” as having been vaccinated at all hours of the day and night. 

The doctor faces prosecution for forgery. While his case is being investigated, he will not be allowed to issue any more vaccination certificates. The 2,000 recipients of the false vaccination certificates also risk prosecution. They will also be sent new invitations to get a jab, this time for real. 

The Federal Health Minister and the health ministers in Flanders, Brussels and the German Language Community have been informed about the case. Speaking later in an interview with the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF, Ms Morraele said investigations are currently ongoing into possible vaccination certificate fraud by other doctors. 

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