Improvement in Belgians’ mental health just prior to fourth wave

According to the results of a survey of 17,000 Belgian that was carried out just prior to the onset of the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been some improvement in our mental health. The survey was 8th COVID-19 health survey to be carried be the public health science institute Sciensano. In early October the 17,000 participants were asked about the state of their social and mental health. 

At the time the survey was conducted the general negative impact of the pandemic was less than is currently the case. Nevertheless, 45% of those questioned said that the pandemic was influencing their future prospects.

Compared with previous surveys there was a noticeable improvement in respondents’ well-being and in their level of social interaction. Furthermore, fewer said that they were suffering from mental health issues such as depression.  However, at the time the survey was conducted the measures to curb the spread of coronavirus were far more relaxed than is currently the case.

The survey found that young adults and women are the most psychologically vulnerable groups. Although the figures in the most recent survey did show some improvement, they still give cause for concern. In October 15% of adults that took part in the survey said that they suffered from depression, while 16% said that they suffered from anxiety. Meanwhile, 19% of those surveyed said that they are dissatisfied with their life. All these figures are higher than was the case in surveys conducted before the onset on the pandemic. 

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