More than 650 COVID-19 patients in intensive care

The public health science institute Sciensano has released the latest figures on the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium. They show no let-up in the intensity of the fourth wave. 

The number of new coronavirus infections continues to rise sharply. During the week from 13 to 19 November an average of 15,448 people in Belgium tested positive for coronavirus each day. This is up 54% on the previous week. On Monday 15 November 20,775 positive test results were recorded, the second highest number since the start of the pandemic. 

During the week from 13 to 19 November an average of 103,700 coronavirus tests were carried out in Belgium each day. This is 30% more than during the previous week. Of those tested 15.4% tested positive for the virus. Meanwhile, the basic reproductive rate (R0) has fallen slightly and now stands at 1.12. This means that every 100 people with the virus infect a further 112 others.

During the week from 16 to 22 November an average of 280 people with COVID-19 were admitted to Belgian hospitals each day. This is a rise of 19% on the previous week. There are currently 3,289 people with COVID-19 that are being cared for in Belgian hospitals, a rise of 24% on a week ago. Of these 654 are on intensive care wards, up 21% on this time last week.

The number of deaths of people with COVID-19 is also up. During the week from 13 to 19 November an average of 34 people with COVID-19 died in Belgium each day. This is up 20% on the previous week. Since the onset on the pandemic more than 26,700 people with COVID-19 have died in Belgium. 

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