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Sudden increase in the number of people being vaccinated for the first time

During the past few weeks there has been a sizable increase in the number of people that have been getting vaccinated against coronavirus for the first time. While some of the increase can be attributed to the arrival of foreign students that have arrived here to take courses at Flemish universities, the lion’s share of first doses have gone to people that previously had turned down the opportunity to get a jab. 

The people now being vaccinated for the first time are of all ages (over 12).

The Flemish Health Agency says that it is anyone’s guess as to why so many people that previously declined the opportunity of a vaccine are now wanting to get jabbed.

"Maybe it’s because people have become frightened by the intensity of the fourth wave”, the Agency’s Spokesman Joris Moonens told VRT News. Mr Moonens added that “It could also be the wider use of the Covid Safe Ticket as this creates some barriers for those that haven't been vaccinated”. 

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