Corona pandemic hits childcare

Over 4% of Flemish creches are currently closed due to corona infections.  Over the past week the children’s agency Kind en Gezin received 499 reports of infections or high-risk contacts via its helpline.  The figure is up from 354 reports the previous week.

In all over 300 creches are shut.  The situation mirrors that of October last year. 50 day-care centres have been partially closed.  A further 266 locations are entirely shut.

The complete closures affect 175 childminders, who care for children in their own home, 73 creches and 3 after-school centres.

Nele Wouters of Kind en Gezin: “Corona is back among us.  Children in childcare have brothers and sisters, parents, who experience high risk contacts.  Childminders too have their family and contacts.  Corona is back in society and also in childcare”.

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