Is Clement Prince Laurent’s natural son ?

The rumours have been around for two decades now.  They speculated that Flemish singer Wendy Van Wanten gave birth to Prince Laurent’s son.  The singer’s son, Clement, was on TV last night and quashed the rumours.  “It’s magical that everybody thinks this is the case, but it’s a fable!”

Wendy Van Wanten met King Filip’s younger brother at a fashion show in the Nineties.  The Ostend-born singer experienced ‘fun times’ and gave birth to a son Clement in 2000.  Rumours abounded, especially as the lad’s name was seen as a reference to Villa Clémentine, Prince Laurent’s home in Tervuren (Flemish Brabant).

His mother’s guest on a VRT TV show on Tuesday night Clement scotched the rumours: “You’re not getting the answer you want.  For 20 years I’ve been clever enough to say it doesn’t interest me.  As a result, the story doesn’t pursue me”.

Clement concedes that the whole matter triggers considerable emotion.  Wendy was asked why she had never scotched the rumours: “That was up to Clement” she said.

The true identity of Clement’s biological father is set to remain a mystery.  Clement accepts Wendy’s husband, Frans, from a marriage in 2007, as his father. 

Wendy Van Wanten and Prince Laurent in Brussels in 1996

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