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“Roll out to over 5s in Flanders from January”

The European Medicines Agency, the EMA, has approved the use of Pfizer’s corona vaccine on children aged 5 to 11.  Flemish health minister Beke wants to start rolling out the vaccine to his age group starting January.

At present corona vaccines are administered from children from the age of 12.  This started in July after the EMA OKed use of the vaccines on 12- to 15-year-olds. In Flanders 85% of this age group has at least had one dose.  In Brussels the figure is only 40%, while in Wallonia it’s 63%. 

The EMA now says use of the Pfizer vaccine on younger children is safe and advantages of vaccination outweigh any drawbacks. 

In Belgium the High Council for Health now must have its say.  It’s expected the vaccine will become available for this age group.

Vaccination of younger children has several advantages: if they come down with coronavirus, they will be less contagious for others and will have to stay in quarantine for a shorter period. Fewer children will also be off school.

Flemish health minister Beke explains a special vaccine for children will be used: “If supplies are delivered, we can start in January”.

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