Corona update: over 16,000 new cases recorded each day

Figures from the Belgian health science institute Sciensano show a continued deterioration in the Covid situation.  686 patients are now in critical care wards with the average number of recorded new cases at 16,100 a day.

On average during the last seven-day observation period, the week to 21 November, 16,100 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed each day.  The figure is up 53% on the week.

On Monday 22 November 23,621 cases were recorded and that ‘improves’ the record set on 27 October 2020 when 22,221 cases were recorded.

Infection levels are at one of the highest levels since the start of the pandemic. Since the start of the pandemic there have been over 1.6 million recorded cases.

In the week to 24 November on average 295 patients a day were hospitalised.  The figure is up 22% on the week.

3,397 patients are currently in hospital with Covid.  The figure is up 21% on the week. 686 patients are in intensive care.  The figure is up by 21% on the week. 367 patients are on a ventilator.

In the week to 21 November on average 37 deaths a day were linked to Covid.  The figure is 32% up on the previous week. Since the start of the pandemic 26,743 deaths have been linked to Covid.

On average 108,200 tests are carried out each day in the week to 21 November. The figure is up 34% on the week. 15.7% of tests come back positive – a slight increase.

Belgium’s Reproduction number stands at 1.12 and has fallen back slightly.  A hundred sick people pass the virus on to 112 others and the epidemic is still widening.

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