GPs say “We’re not going to get there like this”

Flemish family doctors are sounding the alarm.  They are demanding stricter corona measures and root and branch reform of the test strategy. 

Roel Van Giel of the GP’s association Domus Medica told VRT News that first and second line health care workers are no longer being able to care for their patients properly.

“We are having a very hard time getting everything processed.  We want to take care of unwell people, but most of the time we are generating test codes, explaining quarantine rules, carrying out tests and drawing up certificates”.

A survey by Domus Medica reveals that over half of all GPs say they won’t be able to keep working like this for more than a handful of weeks. Ten percent of doctors indicated they planned to leave the profession.  In May 8% and 1% of doctors provided the same answers!

Ninety percent of GPs say that the Flemish test strategy needs to be changed radically.

“Politicians need to see the reality of the situation.  With over 25,000 cases a day present test policies are unfeasible” says Van Giel. “Politicians should recognise this and let GPs do their work i.e. caring for unwell patients”.

The GPs say the consultative committee that decides corona measures must meet as soon as possible and agree strict measures.

“There’s not a day to be wasted.  We won’t get there on the back of the present strategy”.

The doctors want measures to limit drastically the number of contacts people have: “We need rules on the number of people invited into the home, stricter rules on homeworking and for some leisure activities to be halted”.   

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