2022 Brussels Motor Show cancelled: “COVID situation is not ideal"

The organisers of the Brussels Motor Show, the automotive industry federation Febiac, and the vehicle manufactures have decided that next year’s Motor Show will not take place. Given the situation with regard to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic it has been decided to wait until 2023. Nevertheless, the special offers on new cars that apply around the time of the Motor Show will be applicable at car dealerships during the time at which the 2022 Brussels Motor Show should have taken place.  

In September Febiac and the vehicle manufactures announced with a sense of satisfaction that there would be a Brussels Motor Show in January 2022. However, two months later the intensity with which the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic has taken hold means that they have had a change of heart.

In a press statement released on Friday Febiac said "We anticipate a worsening of the public health situation and that the introduction of additional restrictions will mean that we will not be able to welcome the expected number of visitors in optimal conditions”.

It will be the second consecutive year that the Brussels Motor Show will not have taken place. Febiac’s spokesman Gabriel Goffoy told journalist that the decision not to go ahead with the Motor Show was unanimous.

Despite the cancellation the so-called “salon conditions”, price reductions on new cars that are applicable at the Motor Show will be applicable at car dealerships during January.

The cancellation of the Motor Show means that we will have to wait another year for the 100th edition of the event. Mr Goffoy was keen to stress that the cancellation of the 2022 Brussels Motor Show doesn’t spell the end for what until this year was an annual event. 

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