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Uber drivers block Brussels road tunnels

A number of road tunnels in the centre of Brussels are blocked  as drivers that work for the private hire app Uber continue their protest against a court ruling. The Court of Appeal in Brussels has ruled that they can no longer use a ridesharing app for their work. 

On Friday morning the Jubelpark and Wet tunnels to the east of the city centre were both blocked by protesting Uber drivers. Meanwhile, the Brussels Transport Agency Brussel Mobiliteit reports that several tunnels on the Inner Ring Road are also out of use due to the action. 

These include the Annie Cordy Tunnel that links the city centre with the road thank leads to the E40 motorway to the west of the city. The Tervuren Tunnel is also blocked, Brussel Mobiliteit reports. 

The protest has caused no shortage of traffic congestion in the capital particular during Friday morning’s rush hour.

On Wednesday the Court of Appeal in Brussel ruled that the use of the Uber app by private hire drivers is illegal. The ruling was based on a 1995 law passed by the Brussels Regional Parliament on car rental and taxi services.

The ruling means that around 2,000 drivers that use their vehicles as private hire taxis via the Uber app will be no longer able to do so from 6pm this evening (Friday 26 November). The Uber drivers are protesting to put pressure on the Brussels regional government to bring in new legislation as quickly as possible.

The drivers say that they will protest every day until Brussels Regional First Minister Rudi Vervoort (Francophone socialist) and his government satisfy their demands. 

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