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Francophone liberal leader demands reprieve for two of Belgium’s nuclear reactors

Speaking in an interview with VRT News’ televised Sunday morning topical debate programme ‘De zevende dag’, the Francophone liberal leader Georges-Louis Bouchez demanded that the Federal Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten (Flemish green) comes up with a plan that provides for two of Belgium’s seven nuclear reactors to remain open beyond 2025. 

Mr Bouchez, whose party also forms part of the federal coalition, says that Ms Van der Straeten is only focused on bringing nuclear energy production to an end in Belgium.

The Francophone liberal leader believes that there will be energy shortages if all the reactors are decommissioned by 2025, not least because permission for a gas-fired power station at Vilvoorde in Flemish Brabant has been refused. 

Mr Bouchez also pointed to the recent sharp rise in the price of electricity and says that Ms Van der Straeten’s current plan doesn’t take this into account. The Francophone politician is demanding that Ms Van der Straten comes up with a Plan B.


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