GPs’ association slams “unfeasible” new coronavirus testing strategy

The country’s general practitioners have warned that they will not follow the authorities’ revised coronavirus strategy that was announced after a meeting of health ministers on Saturday. Under the new testing policy vaccinated people that have been in close contact with someone infected with coronavirus will be tested just once. The test will be carried out on the first day after the high-risk contact. They will no longer be obliged to take a second test on day 7. 

Dr Roel Van Giel of the GPs’ association Domus Medica told VRT News that “This new testing strategy is not feasible, increases virus circulation and the pressure on GPs. Therefore, we have decided that we are not going to follow the new strategy”.

Under the revised rules vaccinated and unvaccinated people have to quarantine until they have a negative test result. However, those that have been vaccinated can leave quarantine without a second test.

Those that haven’t been vaccinated will still have to be tested on both day one and day seven.

Dr Van Giel told VRT News that his organisation will be recommending its own testing strategy.

“We propose putting everyone that has had a high-risk contact in quarantine for five days and in that interim period giving them time to receive a test code and a quarantine certificate and to have a test taken. We are now going to advise the GPs to do this as well.”

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