Suspected fraud at Flemish contact tracing call centre

The Flemish Care and Health Agency (AZG) has lodged a judicial complaint against one of the call centres that is responsible for contact tracing in our region. The complaint against the Yource call centre has come after an article in the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ made allegations of fraudulent practices by the call centre. AZG’s Joris Moonens has given VRT News confirmation of this. 

Meanwhile, the Flemish Care and Health Agency (AZG) has terminated its contract with Youcre. The call centre allegedly defrauded AZG by setting some of its staff members that should have been working on contact tracing to work on other projects.

Yource’s daughter company Mifratel allegedly billed AZG for contact tracing work that had never been carried out. At Het Laatste Nieuws’ request, the Flemish Care and Health Agency carried out its own investigation during which it discovered evidence that would indicate that Yource billed it for contact tracing work that had not been carried out. There are also indications that it made call centre agents deliberately wrongly log on to the contact tracing telephone platform.

AZG has reported the alleged fraud to the Judicial Authorities. In addition to this a civil party action is being prepared and the contract between AZG’s contract tracing call centre consortium and Yource has been terminated. 

To be absolutely certain that there is no evidence of malpractice at other call centres that work for the contact tracing consortium, AZG will bring in external auditors. The auditors will look at the bills sent by the call centres for contact tracing work so far and take a close look at the internal control mechanism that is applied to call centres that do contact tracing work.  

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