36,000 people in Brussels have already made an appointment for a booster jab

On Monday 36,000 people in the Brussels-Capital Region made an appointment to be given an additional dose of coronavirus vaccine. Since Sunday evening anyone between the ages of 18 and 64 that is resident in one of the 19 municipalities that make up Brussels has been able to make an appointment for a booster jab. 

The only condition to them being given an additional vaccine dose is that enough time has elapsed since they were last vaccinated. For those that were given the Johnson & Johnson vaccine this is two months, those given AstraZeneca have to wait four months, while those that were vaccinated with the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have to wait for six months after their second dose to be able to be given a booster jab.

Around 320,000 people in Brussels aged between 18 and 64 are entitled to make an appointment for a booster jab. On Tuesday morning Inge Neven of the Brussels Health Inspectorate told journalists that 36,000 of them did so on Monday. Those don’t make appointments themselves will be sent invitations to do so between now and the end of January 2022. 

Meanwhile, 89,580 people from vulnerable groups in Brussels such as the over 65s and those with conditions that weaken their immune systems have already been given a booster vaccine.


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