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4-year-old boy in quarantine for the past three weeks despite never having tested positive for coronavirus

4-year-old Tobias from the Flemish Brabant city of Leuven has spent the past four weeks quarantining at his home after his mother tested positive for coronavirus. Despite having taken three coronavirus tests, all of which were negative, the little boy is still unable to go to nursery school or play with his friends. Tobias’ mother Femke Joye told VRT Radio 2 Flemish Brabant that the impact that quarantine has on children is still under-estimated “Children need social contact”. 

Femeke Joye told VRT Radio 2 about what has happened to her and her children during the past three weeks. 

“It all started just under a month ago on 8 November, when I tested positive for coronavirus after a high-risk contact. As a result, our entire household, my husband and I and our 4-year-old twins had to quarantine. After 10 days, at the end of my quarantine, everyone was tested again and what transpired? One of the two children, Tristan, tested positive. As a result, my husband and my two children had to quarantine for another 10 days. Tristan because he had tested positive, my husband because he couldn’t fully isolate himself from Tristan and Tobias because he has not been vaccinated”. 

The mother of two went on to say that Tristan was able to return to school last Friday, but Tobias hasn’t been able to yet. 

"So that he can return to school on Monday he will be tested again on Friday together with my husband and hopefully they will both test negative. Because if either my husband or Tobias tests positive he will have to stay in quarantine for even longer”.

Femke Joye added that quarantine has a big impact on children. She believes that this is something that has been greatly underestimated throughout the pandemic.

"The long period spent at home has greatly influenced my children’s behaviour. They now both have very short fuses, and the smallest things result in big arguments. The children need contact. They have each other, but they also need contact with others. When Tristan came home after a day at school yesterday, he was a different child. He was jolly, he was happy, talking all the time and there were far fewer arguments”. 

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