Is independence a ploy to avoid corona measures?

Four mayors from municipalities as far afield as Kuurne (West Flanders) and Begijnendijk (Flemish Brabant) have received strange letters from inhabitants eager to declare their homes independent countries. The mayors believe the letter writers may disagree with corona measures and see this as a way of sidestepping them.

Mayor Bert Ceulemans of Begijnendijk received his letter by registered mail in October.  “The letter writer informs me he is no longer a Belgian citizen and that his home has become an independent state.  He cites several articles from Belgium’s constitution.  I had a lawyer look at the letter.  He told me the letter has no legal validity.  Nobody is above the law.  We’re not responding with any legal steps”.

Mayors in Haacht (Flemish Brabant), Kuurne and Wielsbeke (West Flanders) have all received similar documents.  They suspect people want to go independent to avoid corona restrictions.   

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