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North Station security: mayors threaten to requisition federal police

Three Brussels mayors have sounded the alarm.  They are threatening to requisition federal police officers if the Belgian government fails to release extra means to improve security in the North District around the Brussels North Station.

In a letter to the Belgian interior and justice ministers as well as the asylum minister the mayors of Schaarbeek, Sint-Joost and Evere condemn the security situation in the North District where incidents Involving drugs and weapons abound more and more.

“Action by local police officers isn’t having any impact as most of those involved hail from Sudan and Eritrea and cannot be expelled from Belgium”.

The mayors remind the federal interior minister that in addition to the local authorities she too can act when there is a threat to public order that affects several municipalities or when the public interest requires such an intervention.  The mayors also point the interior minister’s powers regarding the immigration police and railways police, charged with public order at stations.

The mayors are demanding a federal police presence at the North Station as well as the creation of an orientation and reception centre designed to prepare people for a medium length stay in the country. 

They also threaten to close several entrances to the North Station and requisition federal police officers.     

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