“No free beds at Ghent ICU: politicians are responsible!”

Critical care specialist Dominique Benoit (Ghent University Hospital) tells the politicians to take clear decisions.

“Yesterday for the first time since the start of the pandemic we didn’t have one single free bed in intensive care” says Dominique Benoit of Ghent University Hospital. “There are 33 Covid patients.  We can’t move out all the non-Covid patients.”

Fortunately, doctors are not yet having to make the choice of which patients are given intensive care and which are not but says Benoit “the pressure to take medical decisions is getting bigger”. 

The specialist intensive care expects numbers to peak in a fortnight and is angry with the politicians: “We sounded the alarm, again and again.  We nearly acted hysterically in the media.  Politicians should have acted earlier.  We will act as professionals, but what is heading our way in the next two weeks is the responsibility of the politicians.  We need more than political compromises: please take clear decisions.  This game of yoyo has been going on for two years and is not taking us anywhere.  We need sustainable policies”.

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