Second change in test strategy in only a week

Belgium has changed its coronavirus test strategy for the second time in less than a week.  Vaccinated people who experience a high-risk contact will now need to be PCR-tested on or around Day 5 after the contact took place.

Karine Moykens of the Interfederal Testing and Tracing Committee announced the decision this afternoon. 

Last Saturday Belgian health ministers decided the vaccinated who encounter a high risk contact only needed to be tested on Day 1.  The same ministers have now decided to move the test to Day 5. People with a high-risk contact will receive two test codes, but only the test on Day 5 is mandatory. 

People with a high-risk contact are required to quarantine until they receive the result of the PCR test on Day 5.  If you self-test and are negative every day, you may leave quarantine on Day 4.

The unvaccinated still need to take tests on Days 1 and 7.

The change of heart followed severe criticism from family doctors, who claimed the new test strategy was unworkable and would only lead to more virus circulation.

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