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Corona measures are target of fresh demo in Brussels

Police sources say eight thousand people joined a demonstration against corona measures in Brussels this afternoon. At the end of the demo police deployed water cannon and teargas.

An appeal to support the demo under the slogans ‘March For Liberty – Second Act’ and ‘Belgium United For Freedom’ appeared on social media.  The demo is not being organised by the same people behind the demo two weeks ago, when a group of demonstrators turned violent.

This time round most protesters are Francophones.

Some demonstrators oppose all corona measures, while others are unhappy about specific measures e.g., the Covid Safe Ticket and masking for over 6s.

Several fire-fighters have joined the march too.  They oppose mandatory vaccination.

The demonstration itself was mainly peaceful, but towards the end at Schuman in the European District police used teargas and watercannon.

Fire-fighters tried to calm demonstrators who were getting agitated when they reached police barriers. Clashes ensued.  Projectives and burning fireworks were hurled at the police that responded with teargas and watercannon.

Demonstrators dispersed in various directions.  Some headed for the Jubel Park, where it remained calm, but others made for the police line and sought confrontation.

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Nicolas Maeterlinck

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