Unions unleash National Day of Action

The socialist and Christian unions are holding a day of protest on Monday.  A big demonstration is being held in Brussels with disruption guaranteed.  The unions are seeking free pay negotiations and are protesting in support of the freedom to associate and stage protest actions. The liberal union has joined the call for strike action but will not attend the national demo.

The unions are also increasingly worried about spending power.

Disruption is expected across many sectors including public transport.

Only 60% of De Lijn’s public transport buses are expected to operate on Monday due to the strike. Bus and tram drivers will be joining the National Day of Protest.

Tram services will probably be hit worst of all, especially in Antwerp and on the coast. The transport company De Lijn advises the travelling public to consult its website to get an up-to-date picture of the situation. “The website will show whether or not your bus is running” says De Lijn’s Marco Demerling. “We will try to cover all routes, but frequency of services will depend on the area”.

City services will probably suffer greater disruption than regional services.

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