Almost 2 million Belgians have already received a booster jab

Almost 2 million people in Belgium have already received an additional dose of coronavirus vaccine. The daily ‘De Morgen’ reports that of those that have already received a booster jab 1,218,600 are in Flanders. The over 65s and those with weakened immune systems have already had the opportunity to get an extra vaccine dose. 

Since last week the administration of booster vaccines has been widened to make it available to the adult population as a whole. Anyone that received their last dose of the Pfizer or Moderna coronavirus vaccines at least 6 months ago can make an appointment for an extra dose. For those that were given AstraZeneca the interval is 4 months. People that were given the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine have to wait 2 months for their booster shot. All the booster vaccines are either Pfizer or Moderna.    

De Morgen’s article shows big differences in the percentage of the population that has been triple-jabbed. While in some municipalities only around 10% of the population has been given a booster vaccine, elsewhere the figure is more than 30%. This could of cause be due to the presence of a high number of older people in some municipalities.

Knokke-Heist, Koksijde (both West Flanders) and Bonheiden (Antwerp Province) have the highest percentage of people that have received a booster jab.

Elsewhere, cities such as Bruges (West Flanders, 24.9%) and Antwerp (18.6%) are above the regional average when it comes to the percentage of people that have been given a booster vaccine.



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