Do supermarkets increase their prices ahead of Christmas?

December is an expensive month.  People spend a lot on items for the festive period, but do supermarkets increase their prices at this time of year?  This was the subject of an investigation by VRT Radio’s ‘De Inspecteur’.

Christmas and New Year are a great excuse to put the best and often the most expensive delicacies on our plates: lobster, champagne, and game.

The price of your supermarket cart can skyrocket, but are the supermarkets profiteering from our enthusiasm for Christmas and putting up prices?

VRT’s ‘De Inspecteur’ radio programme consulted the data from Daltix, a body that monitors supermarket prices on a daily basis and knows exactly when prices go up.

The figures show that in the period running from October to December Belgian supermarket prices are at their lowest!

“Retailers await the New Year in order to press through price hikes” says Hélène Le Noir of Daltix.  “Usually, we only see the new prices in January. Towards the end of the year, we even see prices going down!”

Many consumers will try to spread out their expenditure for the festive season throughout the month of December, but in actual fact it’s best to wait until the end of the month.

“Making purchases for January in December is certainly an excellent idea” says Le Noir “even though there may be enticing discounts in the course of the year too”.

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