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Drinker shows revolver instead of Covid Safe Ticket

Punters at a public house in Rotselaar (Flemish Brabant) had quite a surprise when a customer produced a revolver instead of a Covid Safe Ticket (CST) when he wanted to order at the bar.  When the landlord showed this antisocial individual the door the would-be customer fired in the air.

It happened last Saturday at Café De Zijbeuk.  A 39-year-old placed a revolver on the bar counter when the landlord asked him to show his Covid Safe Ticket, as is the law in Belgium.  The would-be customer then inserted a bullet into the weapon triggering a discussion.  The landlord then asked the gentleman to leave without consuming a beverage.  Outside the 39-year-old fired into the air before speeding off on his motorbike.

Police were called and they were able to detain and question the man, who claimed he had experienced considerable disappointment in his private life and that the request to show his CST had pushed him over the edge. 

Following questioning the man was released, though his firearm was seized. Leuven prosecutors must now decide whether to take any legal action.

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