Poverty organisation Poverello accused of extreme wealth

Johan Van Eetvelde, a co-ordinator at Poverello, an organisation whose goal it is to help the poor, has responded to an investigation by the Flemish weekly Knack, the Francophone broadcaster RTBF and the Francophone weekly Le Vif that revealed the extreme wealth of the organisation that does not seem to be benefitting the poor too much.

Van Eetvelde says: “We have a lot of means and our sole aim is to use them to help people who need it.  If we haven’t done that just yet, that’s probably because we’ve got a lot of other work”.

The journalists’ investigation painted a non-too rosy picture of Poverello that possesses 50 million euros‘ worth of real estate and 14 million euros in cash deposits.

Van Eetvelde accuses the journalists of highlighting the wealth but failing to say what Poverello does on a daily basis: help people in trouble.

Van Eetvelde accepts that the large sums may come as a surprise to some people but isn’t worried donations may now dry up: “I understand many people will see this as rather painful, but we’re sticking at it and will continue to focus on what we wish to accomplish: being there for people in poverty”.



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