2010 AP

Kebab joint remained open after proprietor tested positive

A kebab joint in Opwijk (Flemish Brabant) has been ordered to close with immediate effect after the proprietor continued working despite testing positive for coronavirus.

The local mayor and police visited the premises at the weekend to the serve the closure notice.  The proprietor tested positive several days ago but continued working.  His relatives have not yet been tested.  As long as their results are not in the snack bar will have to remain closed.

Mayor De Coninck (Flemish nationalist) expressed surprise that nearly two years into the pandemic some people still didn’t know the rules. 

“The proprietor had injured himself in his snack bar and called for an ambulance.  That’s how it transpired he had come down with coronavirus.  The police are handing their report on to the prosecutor.  A fine may be on the cards”.

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