Sales of lateral flow tests skyrocket

The sale of lateral flow tests by chemists has risen tenfold in recent weeks.  Supermarkets that have put cheaper self-tests on the shelves are struggling to cope with demand.

Belgian pharmacies are now selling 360,000 lateral flow tests a week at 8 euros a go. Here and there a chemist runs out, but the Association of Pharmacies insists there are enough to see us through Christmas. 

Hilde Deneyer of the Flemish Pharmacies Network says there are no issues with supply lines.  Pharmacies that run low are quickly restocked.

Pharmacists are pleased people are acting responsibly and are getting tested.

“People stock up ahead of family visits.  We expect a further rise towards Christmas” says Deneyer.

At many chemists you can also request a rapid test that is carried out by the pharmacist.  It will get you a certificate that you can use for your Covid Safe Ticket e.g., if you don’t want to get vaccinated.

Pharmacists have noticed a fall in the number of rapid tests but that’s being linked to the cancellation of many events. They also noticed more people are getting vaccinated, especially in the Brussels area.

Lateral flow tests can also be purchased in supermarkets and health care stores like Kruidvat.  Kruidvat believes it’s the country’s largest purveyor of lateral flows and reports unprecedented demand.

Supermarket chain Colruyt too speaks of increased demand.  The chain has large stocks, but individual stores are selling out fast.  Restocking is a logistic challenge.

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