“Everybody jabbed by the end of the Christmas holiday”

The co-ordinator of Antwerp’s vaccination drive, A&E doctor Jan Stroobants, is confident everybody in the city can be offered a booster before the end of the Christmas holidays.  The doctor says 30,000 people can be jabbed each day and that the invites will be out the door ASAP.

Dr Stroobants adds that invites will be dispatched as soon as the authorities open up the databases.  Thanks to the city’s pop-up structure that means a chair is sufficient and no individual cubicles are needed 30,000 people a day can be jabbed.  “Everybody who wants a booster will be able to get one before the end of the holiday.  We’re already looking for extra volunteers.  Our vaccination operation is now 40% faster than at the start” says Stroobants.

The large Spoor Oost vaccination centre in Antwerp was closed down several weeks ago.  Boosters are administered at the Kinepolis cinema complex and at the Antwerp Expo, but soon one central location will once again be used.  Whether the centre is located at one of the two existing locations or at a new one will become clear later today.

Jabbing at Antwerp Expo

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