Caroline Demol

Reynard the Fox gets stuck in Bruges

Firefighters had to be called to premises in the centre of Bruges where a fox had got stuck in a gate.  The quick intervention by the lads in yellow freed the fox and saved its life.

Caroline Demol and Gert Verhoestraete, proprietors of the B’ Guest Bed and Breakfast couldn’t believe their ears when their neighbour came to warn them. 

“We thought: a fox in the centre of Bruges?  Impossible! We’d never seen a fox in central Bruges, but one had now got stuck in our back gate”.

The B&B then called the fire service.   

“As the poor creature was pretty stuck, we were able to approach to within two meters” says Caroline.  “I was a little scared when he got freed. The fire-fighters just let the fox go.  He must still be around here somewhere.  Where exactly he’s living remains a great mystery.  Possibly in the park along the canal.”

The couple fear the fox had set its sights on their chickens. 

“He got stuck in the gate and couldn’t get to the chickens, but last year our neighbour lost a chicken. I guess a fox got it.  We’re going to place a canvas over the gate as a precaution to ensure no foxes can get through.”

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Caroline Demol

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