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“Be yourself!” is the theme of this year’s “Warmest Week” fundraiser

The VRT’s annual event designed to raise awareness of worthy issues and raise funds for worthy causes “The Warmest Week” officially got underway on Saturday morning. During the coming week several of the Flemish public broadcaster’s brands will be working together for a worthy cause. The theme of this year’s Warmest Week is “Be yourself”. 

A recent survey of 2,250 Flemish people, conducted by the VRT Research Department, shows that 1 in 5 Flemish people can’t be themself. There are various reasons for this; for example, because of how they look or whom they love, because they have fewer opportunities in society or just because they are having a hard time mentally.

With the slogan “Everyone deserves to be themself,” The Warmest Week wants to do something about that. That is why, this year, the solidarity initiative is raising money for the DWW Fonds, which aims to realise specific projects enabling people to be themself.  Examples of this are organisations that that run camps for disabled people and schools that work on projects promoting tolerance towards others. 

There are countless initiatives supporting The Warmest Week across Flanders and Brussels. 

Click here for more information about the Warmest Week. 

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