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“Falling Delta Curve masks a rapidly-rising Omicron Curve”, biostatistician says

The biostatistician Bart Mesuere has told VRT News that an important footnote should be taken into account when we interpret the current figures on the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium. Dr Mesuere told VRT News “The falling Delta Curve is currently masking an Omicron Curve that is rising very quickly. 

He predicts an explosive growth in the figures once they start rising again. On his Twitter account Dr Mesuere shared the following graph that shows how quickly the number of infections has risen in the UK capital London. 

"The danger of the current situation is that the figures are falling, but under the radar the number of infections with the omicron variant is growing. We know from other countries that it starts slowly, but then rises very quickly. This will be the case here too”.  

"The question of course remains of what this will mean for the hospitals. It is still not clear as to whether omicron makes people more ill”.

Dr Mesuere calls on all of us that haven't done so yet to get a booster jab as quickly as possible. “The booster jabs can make a big difference here. So go and you your third jab as quickly as possible, certainly if you are a member of a vulnerable group of often come into contact with people that are. If you’re meeting up with people during the festive season, ventilate wherever possible and take a self-test before”. 

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