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New parking rules in the City of Brussels

New parking rules are being introduced in the City of Brussels.  The aim is to deter lengthy spells of parking.  In future people who want to park all day need to seek out a public carpark. 

Bart Dhondt (Flemish green), alderman for mobility in the City of Brussels: “We want to teach people a new parking culture.  The time you can park your car will be limited across the City. Parking your car along the street for the entire day is no longer of today.  People who want to park all day need to seek out a public carpark.  There there’s room enough.  Today too many of these carparks are not sufficiently used”.

The green alderman sees two advantages: “In this way we can free up space for green areas, pavement cafes, parking places for bikes and other initiatives that increase the quality of life in neighbourhoods. Secondly, people who are looking for a place to park their car for a little while will get an easier time.  We will also help visitors to the city to find public carparks more easily”.

Mr Dhondt recommends people use one of nine apps if they are eager to park their car in Brussels.  The app immediately tells you in what kind of zone you are parked and what the rate is.  It’s also indicated on parking meters.

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