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Cultural sector to oppose closure measure

Artists and staff working in Belgium’s cultural sector have called for resistance to the government measures that close down the sector on Sunday as part of the drive against omicron variant.

Belgium’s cultural sector intends to make clear its opposition to the government measure to close the cultural sector that was not even called for by the scientists by organising a big demo in Brussels on Sunday, Boxing Day.  Demonstrators will converge on the Muntplein.

Cultural venues intend to fly black flags on buildings and on social media. In Wallonia five cinemas are not planning to close.  Sphinx Cinema in Ghent too is unwilling to accept the closures.

The Opera and Ballet of Flanders that has had to cancel ‘La Bohème’ will open as a bar starting Monday: “Everybody can enjoy the architecture of our premises in Ghent and Antwerp, together with mulled wine, of course”.

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