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Antwerp children to be vaccinated in the zoo: "Create a nice environment"

The city of Antwerp has plans to install a vaccination centre for young children in the local zoo, to offer them some extra distraction and leisure time when taking their corona jab. 

The vaccination campaign for young children between 5 and 11 will kick off in the first half of January. Children (and their parents) are free to accept the government's offer or not; there is no obligation whatsoever and declining the offer will have no consequences.

The city of Antwerp has chosen its renowned local zoo as the location to set up a vaccination hub for the young children. "We want to create a nice environment which will make the children feel at ease", explains alderwoman Els Van Doesburg. "We will also have to be more patient with children. We will not vaccinate them in large, open venues but in smaller units where they can come in with their parents. We will also make sure there is enough distraction, by projecting animals on the walls." 

When the youngsters have bene jabbed, they will be free to make a walk in the Antwerp Zoo. "You need to wait 15 minutes after the vaccination. However, waiting is not so easy for young children. In the zoo, they have the opportunity to walk around in the butterfly garden or between the monkeys."

The Antwerp city council still has to give its final approval. The project should start around mid-January. 

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