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Did Covid-denier Sinistra the Undertaker die of Covid?

Fred the Undertaker Sinistra, a former Belgian, European and world kickboxing champion, has died at the age of 41.  Sinistra was famous in Francophone circles as a denier of the Covid pandemic and was said to be unwilling ever to pronounce the word COVID-19.

Details about the exact circumstances of Sinistra’s death that was announced on social media on 16 December are patchy. Sinistra was hospitalised in an ICU at the end of November.  In posts on social media the kickboxer shied away from using the word Covid. “Sadly, I have had to cancel a fight in Nimes on 4 December. It makes me puke but it’s thanks to my wife and coach I am still alive.  My lungs are being attacked by many diseases.  Infection rates are at 165 when they should be between 0 and 5” read his cryptical post.

Sinistra’s coach Osman Yigin told Francophone media that he had forced the kickboxer to go to hospital.  “I told him I wouldn’t train with him if he didn’t go to hospital” Yigin said after his pupil’s death.

Sinistra didn’t want to stay in hospital and discharged himself. 

Two days ago, Sinistra’s wife posted an emotional message on social media. She vehemently denied his death was linked to Covid and she said it was a matter of honour for her to fight for the truth to be established and to clear his name: “He would never accept that what happened to him would be used to spread fear and promote vaccination.

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