“There’s something to be said for some civil disobedience”

Workers from the cultural sector and culture lovers are gathering at the Kunstberg in Brussels at 2PM for a still-standing demonstration to protest the governments’ decision to close cultural venues despite the fact scientific advisors never made this request.  Cinemas, theatres, and concert halls have all been ordered to close.

“This is the time to do something” says actor-director Stany Crets: “We’ve all been floored.  It was divide and rule before.  Events indoors for fewer than 200 people could still go ahead.  Everything has now been closed.  Today, at last, we have one voice, one face”.

Belgium’s cultural sector is above all angry about what are labelled yoyo policies.

“These policies are unworkable.  They are claiming us as victims.  For eighteen months now we have been seeking a long-term vision.  Work has been done.  There are protocols.  A barometer was drawn up together with the cultural sector.  It’s in somebody’s draw.  All they need to do is get it out.  Offer us a perspective for the future”.

“There’s something to be said for some civil disobedience against absurd measures.  A couple of hours after the decision, the health minister said the door was on a jar and that matters could be discussed.  That’s an admission something absurd is underway.  If he’s prepared to talk, everything can stay open”.

On Thursday Flemish premier and culture minister Jan Jambon will consult the sector with regard to support measures. 

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