Growing protest against corona restrictions: bowling alleys also decide to disobey

Some cinemas, theatres and bowling alleys are keeping their doors open today despite a ban imposed under the latest measures to curb the spreading of corona virus. It's even possible they will not be punished, as the protest against the corona measures is growing, also amidst local mayors. The bowling federation meanwhile is taking the matter to court. 

The bowling sector has decided to take the latest corona restrictions to the Council of State, following in the footsteps of the cultural sector. The bowling federation argues that they are a sport which includes an official competition. 

Other indoor sports with an official competition - like basketball and handball - can continue, but bowling alleys have to close: this is unfair, the federation says. It demands the reopening of bowling alleys for competition and training. 

The cultural sector calls the latest measures discriminating and claims they go against people's funadamental right for culture

Cinemas, theatre rooms and bowling alleys which are still open today, risk a fine or even a forced closure. Yesterday, police didn't stage any checks yet, but today this could be possible, though police have already said they will not actively look for places flouting the rules. This being said: if there would be checks, not only owners but customers risk a fine. 

Some Brussels mayors have already announced they will not punish local theatres, cinemas or bowling alleys breaking the rules. 

The cultural sector argues that the measures are discriminating, denying members of the public a fundamental right for culture. 

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