Covid-19 update: number of new cases drops 25 percent on the week

All corona figures for Belgium keep improving, for the moment. Both the number of new cases and the number of daily hospitalisations show substantial drops on the week. However, omicron is looming, gaining ground each day. This is not being translated yet into more new cases for the moment, let alone more hospitalisations. 

The week running to 24 December saw 6,741 new cases each day on average, a 25-percent drop on the week. However, more cases are being seen of the more contagious omicron variant, which represented 60 percent of the new cases yesterday. 

10.8 percent of all official corona tests turn out to be positive, coming from 13.4 percent. The reproduction figure has gone down slightly to reach 0.81. This means that 100 corona patients are passing the disease on to 81 others and that the epidemic is still shrinking. 

In the week running to 27 December, 136 corona patients were transferred to hospital each day. This represents a 29-percent drop on the week. 

The total number of corona patients in Belgian hospitals is standing at 1,959 now, 26 percent less that a week ago. 613 corona patients are in a bad way (coming from 632 on Sunday) and need intensive care. 367 of them are on ventilators. 

Each day, 36 corona fatalities are being reported. This brings the total number of deaths that can be linked to corona, to 28,218. 

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