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Medimundi donates FFP2 masks to cancer patients, ups production

Medimundi, the only Belgian company to manufacture FFP2 face masks against corona, has announced it will donate 10,000 mouth masks to help cancer patients. The Turnhout-based company will double its production of the high-quality face masks. 

The 10,000 FFP2 face coverings will be offered to the cancer charity fund "Kom Op Tegen Kanker". FFP2 masks allow a better protection against aerosols and transmission of corona virus via the air. They are suitable for professional medical staff and patients who are most at risk, among others. 

Medimundi developed the masks in cooperation with the university of Antwerp (UAntwerpen). They not only protect other people (like the general mouth masks) but also the people wearing them, which makes them perfect for vulnerable people

Cancer patients are directly affected by the corona crisis as treatment is postponed or suspended due to a shortage of intensive care beds. "This is a nice initiative which highlights the needs of cancer patients, who are seeing their diagnosis or treatment postponed. It also underlines the solidarity, and confirms calls on everybody to follow corona restrictions", a Kom Op Tegen Kanker statement said. 

The renowned Flemish virologist Marc Van Ranst attended the symbolic handing over of a first box of FFP2 masks. (video) Medimundi was founded one year ago as there was a shortage of face masks. It will double its production to 14 million pieces per year, the company announced. Marc Van Ranst does not exclude that FFP2 masks will become the new standard in the future.  

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