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First Flemish children get corona vaccine in Gooik and become "virus fighters"

The vaccination campaign for the 5- to 11-year-olds has kicked off in Flanders today. About 200 children were invited to a test event at a vaccination centre in Gooik (Flemish Brabant). Each of them got a special certificate of "virus fighter" after getting the jab.  

Children have the option to get a vaccine, nobody is obliged to take it. Those that don't will not face any consequences. There will be no such thing as a corona passport for children, the federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke underlined earlier. 

As most children don't suffer a lot from corona virus - especially those with underlying illnesses or a weaker immune system are at risk - a majority doesn't benefit directly from taking a jab. 

Experts however point to indirect benefits, such as a smaller chance of classroom closures or more options to meet their grandparents. Children get a smaller dose of about one third of the adult dose. 11-year-old Lou told reporters: "I had corona myself last year so I wanted the jab. I also want to protect my grandmother who lives in the same house." 

The first Flemish vaccinations took place in Gooik today, where a test event was held. Health workers will calculate more time for a child to get vaccinated, and want to find out how much. The Gooik vaccination centre had provided several items to distract the children's attention. 

James Arthur Photography

VIDEO: Brussels kicked of the vaccination campaign at an earlier stage:

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