We had windy and rainy weather conditions lately (archive picture) but the strong winds are bringing subtropical air now.

Record temperature for 30 December as 100-year-old milestone is wiped out

Temperatures climbed to 13.9 degrees Celsius (57 Fahrenheit) in Belgium's main measuring station in Ukkel this morning, setting a historic high for the penultimate day of the year. More "records" may follow tomorrow and the day after that. 

We didn't have a white Christmas and it is certain we won't have a white New Year as day temperatures will be peaking  for a handful of days, starting today.

The previous record of 13.8 Celsius was set in 1925, David Dehenauw of the Belgian Met Office said. This 96-year-old milestone for any 30 December since records began in 1833 was broken shortly after 10 o'clock this morning. 

The day temperature may still rise during the course of the day, as strong winds are importing subtropical air from the south. The highest ever temperature for the month of December was measured in 1989 when we had 16.7 degrees in Ukkel. That happened on 16 December that year. 

Day records may also be set tomorrow (now at 13.8 in 2017) and on 1 January (now at 13.6 in 2012) as the mild temperatures will continue for a couple of days before dropping again to normal values on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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