Knife-wielding raiders make off with the day’s takings at Limburg supermarket

Police in Limburg Province are searching for two men that stole the day’s takings from a branch of the Colruyt supermarket chain at Houthalen-Helchteren. The two men that were armed with knives threaten staff and customers at the supermarket on the Grote Baan in Helchteren. They made off with a considerable sum of money from the store’s till.

The men that were not masked entered the supermarket as it was about to close at 8pm. They threatened a cashier and forced her to open her till. They then left with a considerable sum in cash. No one was injured during the raid. However, staff at the store were left shocked by what had happened.

Police were at the scene quickly and searched the area around the supermarket. However, they were unable to find the men. Forensic experts went to the store to gather evidence. Meanwhile, the police investigation into the robbery continues.


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