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Omicron variant accounts for 72% of all coronavirus infections in Belgium

The ascendancy of the omicron variant of coronavirus in Belgium continues. By Wednesday 29 December the variant accounted for 72% of all new coronavirus infections recorded here. This is up from 60% at the start of the week.

Speaking on Friday morning, the epidemiologist Boudewijn Catry said that since Sunday the daily number of new coronavirus infections recorded in Belgium has been up on the corresponding day the previous week.

"Since Sunday 26 December the daily figures have been between 50% and 75% up on the previous week. As a result of this, from tomorrow (Saturday 1 January 2022) the weekly averages will rise too”.

"Currently, the shift in the coronavirus figures is being caused by people in their 20s. Here we see a 34% increase in the number of infections compared with the previous week. But let it be clear the rise in the figures won’t be limited to this age demographic. There is already a clear shift in the figures among other age demographics too with the exception of among children and this is the case in every province”.

The average number of people with COVID-19 that are being hospitalised continues to fall, for the time being at least. However, on Thursday 30 December), the country’s hospitals reported 12% more hospitalisations of people with COVID-19 than was the case on Thursday 23 December. Boudewijn Catry says that “It’s still unclear whether this is a turning point”.


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