Sexist comments result in 10 month jail sentence

Plastic surgeon Jeff Hoeyberghs has been sentenced to ten months in jail for sexist comments during a talk at Ghent University.  Half the sentence is suspended.

The comments were made during a talk organised by KVHV, the conservative Roman Catholic students’ organisation.

Hoeyberghs has been convicted of sexism, discrimination, inciting hate and violence against certain women and generally as well as sexual intimidation.

The surgeon told the students: “Women are eager for the privileges afforded by male protection and male cash, but no longer wish to open their legs”.

The comments were filmed and posted on social media. In other comments he insulted several women.

Ghent uni suspended KVHV as it refused to distance itself from the pronouncements.

Belgium’s Institute for Female and Male Equality received over 1,500 complaints.

The judge said Hoeyberghs’s vulgar and hateful words encouraged violence against women.

Hoeyberghs intends to appeal the verdict and says he hasn’t violated any law and has a right to free speech.

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