Brussels University Hospital to suspend visits from 10 January

Brussels University Hospital (UZ Brussel) has announced that all visits to patients will be suspended from Monday 10 January. The temporary suspension of visits is being implemented in order to offer patients, visitors and hospital staff the best possible protection against the highly infectious omicron coronavirus variant. 

The continued pressure on the hospital caused by the pandemic, a relaxation of the rules on coronavirus testing and quarantine and the highly infectious nature of the omicron variant are cited as the reasons for UZ Brussel’s decision to temporarily ban visits to patients from Monday 10 January.

The hospital says that while it realises that this will have a big impact on its patients and the family members and friends that might have wish to visit them it has no choice. 

Exceptions will be made for patients that are in palliative care and children that are hospitalised on paediatric wards. Family members of patients on palliative care and paediatric wards will be informed about the new visiting rules and will be issued with red visitors’ cards that will allow them access to the hospital. 

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