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Tanker spills 30,000 litres of diesels into the Albert Canal

30,000 litres of diesel has been spilled into the Albert Canal at Beringen in Limburg Province. The diesel spill happened at around 6pm on Sunday evening at the Nijverheidstraat where the diesel was being pumped from a tanker to an adjacent filling station. 

The diesel is believed to have spilled into the canal after a connection casing became loose. The captain of the tanker tries to prevent the spilled diesel from spreading by putting barrages into the water. Fire fighters from the South Limburg Fire Service attended the scene but didn’t have the necessary material to deal with the spillage. The Civil Protection Agency arrived in Beringen at around 9:45pm and set about clearing the spilled diesel from the canal.

The darkness made it difficult to assess how far the diesel had spread. On Monday morning the Civil Protection Agency resumed its efforts to assess the extent of the spill. Locals have been asked to stay away from the scene of the spillage and to keep their windows and doors closed. 

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