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Used syringe employed on child at vaccine centre

It’s emerged that at a vaccine centre in Evergem (East Flanders) a used syringe was employed to immunise a child, an 11-year-old girl, against coronavirus.  The child’s parents have been informed and a blood sample has been taken to be on safe side and be able to monitor the child’s medical condition. Several staff have now been suspended.  

A staff member thought it would be a good joke to place a used syringe in the box with syringes that were still to be used.  A colleague then used the syringe and only afterwards noticed that the syringe had already been used.  Evergem Mayor De Martelaere says both staff members have been taken off the job.

The child’s parents were informed as reusing a used needle can have medical consequences.  A blood sample was taken from the child to allow its medical condition to be monitored.

A police report has been drawn up.  The child’s parents also intend to file a complaint with the judicial authorities.

“It’s an exasperating situation” says the mayor as the parents won’t know for six months whether the intervention has any medical consequences.

The vaccine centre only started vaccinating children aged 5 to 11 on Saturday.

So far 128,000 doses of the vaccine have been administered at the centre in what the municipal authorities describe as a “very well-organised centre”.

Meanwhile East Flemish prosecutors have launched an investigation into the incident in connection with involuntary grievous bodily harm.

Prosecutors say the investigation is in full swing and several people still need to be questioned.  

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