Hundreds of trees felled “by accident”

A contractor has needlessly felled several hundred trees in a new wood in Tienen (Flemish Brabant).  Four years ago, several organisations joined forces to plant a thousand trees.  Digging work on a new meander of the River Gete started this week, but the contractor made a mistake and set to work on the wrong side of a demarcation line felling several hundred trees in the process.

Two thirds of the trees planted only four years ago have been destroyed.  The city of Tienen and several environment agencies had pooled forces to create a city wood to give local people more recreational opportunities.  Schoolchildren and local residents all took part in the planting operation. 

It was a passer-by who on Tuesday noticed the contractor’s mistake.

“It’s a painful error” says green alderman Roovers “especially for the children and local residents who helped in the planting.  There was a breakdown in communication that could have been avoided, but the damage has been done.  The wood will have to be replanted.  We’ll try to use trees that are already 4 years old not to lose any growth”.

The Flemish environment agency is working with the contractor to find a solution for the problem.

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